Sunday, April 4, 2010

a beginning- at long last!

Well here I am. In the UAE. who'd have ever thought that I'd find myself in the middle east so soon?
 It was 1am when I finally arrived at the hotel, but oddly enough, I couldn't sleep. After having been in first the US, then Vienna and now Dubai, I felt as though someone had come and bent the hands of my internal clock all out of joint. No matter where I do, I can always wake up early, but then I just accumulate tiredness and loose sleep.Definitely not a positive correlation there. Somehow, however, I've been blessed with wireless internet. Although I am not able to use it in my room, I am now able to use it in the lobby without having to worry that it's going to cut out on me.
I need to tell you all about everything, but lets just begin from when I entered Dubai. I will leave the Vienna part off for now because that's another story completely and I want to get this while it's still fresh in my mind.
Let me just say something about the Dubai airport. It looks like a dance club or something out of a film or better yet, a giant resort. The entire city is as if it were a giant resort and I suppose in many ways, it does have resort characteristics. There is though, as with most places, a history that I hope to learn tomorrow.
If you ever have the chance, please fly Emirates Airlines! Even if you aren't the super lavishly rich person in the airplane seat that has it's own compartment, you are still guaranteed a very comfortable flight. All stages of my life were completed by this ride; the ceiling lit up with LED constellations like my ceiling at home, I could make my own playlist (yes, I did indeed spend about 4 hours doing that...) and the seats were comfortable (satisfying my old woman elements). Overall, I'm a fan. Also, they have lovely lotion in the bathrooms.

As we stepped off the airplane onto the airstrip (where we caught a bus to the terminal), I was surrounded with air that was not humid and oppressive as I had originally imagined I would be, but rather, the sort of warm that only tingles your nose and causes you to think of Spring. Being tired, I was not so inclined towards good posture and slumped my way all the way to baggage claim. My initial thoughts of the airport were something to the affect of "where the heck am I?!" As we rode the tall escalator down, the main part of the arrivals hall rose in front of me like the Christmas tree in The Nutcracker. First came the pillers of silver; as big as redwoods around and as shiny as you imagine, reflecting in panels. The second pillers beyond the passport  checking point are ivory with flecks of sparkles. I would not object to having a sandbox made with that sparkly stone.

I need to go to sleep now. I will finish this tomorrow. Don't go longing for me now.

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  1. I can't wait to hear more about the bird that I heard when you called. I loved the description of the air and would like to hear more about that as well as descriptions of the flora and fauna. Photos of those as well would enhance my vicarious travels.