Friday, July 30, 2010

London with a side of Mushrooms

I didn't want to go to London today. There, I've said it, you can judge me. 
But seriously. Last time I went to London it was too hot and crowded. If you know me at all, you'll know that hot and crowded are two of my least favorite things. So imagine my surprise when I alighted the platform at Nottinghill Gate and found myself somewhere where tourists weren't taking up every inch of the sidewalk. Yes, there were still those Brits who refuse to obey their own queuing rules, but for the most part, it was relaxed and what crowds there were flowed. 
Portobello Market is basically a whole slew of blocks, which is wonderful. There is something to delight everyone and I certainly was delighted- I spent money!

This picture is the train station at Paddington. I saw the entire world and not the bear.
a chain store- but I liked the sewing machines!

this vintage store had a room full of shoes!
I think they keep the other half of the pair in the back so people don't steal. Good idea. 

Here we are!!

There was a covered market part as well, more with antique dresses and such!

I really liked this 80P antique dress! it looks a bit like mom's wedding dress....which is probably why I like it

I didn't really want these...

see mom? I thought of you!! YUM

Me and Alex split a mexican wrap thing. Can you tell that we've moved past the antiques part? : )

time to go home!
we might go back for the long weekend? 
Mushrooms always prove me wrong; I always think I don't like them then they blow me away. and I always go back for more.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, to live in a palace!

I'm sorry! it's been awhile since I last posted, and honestly I have not been that busy. All that aside, here is the information about the past week. In photographs with brief textual explanation, as per usual.
Me and Chelsea wearing pretty much the same outfit! (in the Beer Celler during the World Cup which I was not watching)

this is what happens periodically outside my window in the morning. Gotta keep that grass up. I also think they have a one-up on Smith in terms of obsessive grass-keeping behaviors

Here's a nice photograph of us at Merton College (something to do with the Inklings who used to meet on this bench!)
(l-r, top to bottom)
Kevin, Dmitriy, Me
Thom, Ethan, Andre, Veronica

Broad Street/Cornmarket Street from a double-decker bus!

Here we are!

pretty neat ceiling, right? almost rivals the rabbit in Madeline!

take 1

take 2

On board the train to the Pleasure Gardens! (me and Sreyashi)

How pleasureful!

Can you find me?
Looking for the Triwizard Cup
So that was Blenheim Palace. Beautiful with EXTENSIVE gardens and lawns. I don't know what I would do with it all if I lived there, honestly. If we lived here, I would buy a season's pass just to have picnics and walks on the grounds!
Monday we had our special Balcony Dinner (not, in fact, on a balcony) with our major class (so I had mine with Simon Horabin, History of the English Language). This is a testiment to the fact that the silverware here is too big. 
but the desserts are yummy!

and that High Table is fancy

disgusting Pate thing (who knows what it was) but the onion thing was good....HUGE FORK(and that was the dessert one!)

this was pretty gross. see what I mean about the veggies? LAME. Okay Great Britain, I know you had a potato famine, but you can grow things. Potatoes aren't even green!

last and least. yuck. I envied the girl who told them she didn't eat sugar; she got a nice huge plate of fresh exotic fruits!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Playing Pretend

Hello and good morning!
Today we're off to Blenheim Palace, which is conveniently located 1/2 hour away from Oxford by bus.
Take a look at some of the beautiful pictures, if you like, but look forward of course to my wonderful (not) photography later! I will surely be taking a number of photographs.
I love visiting historic buildings such as this one because it enables me to feed that part of me that feels like it was born in the wrong century. That also may or may not be all of me. I love to wander the gardens and rooms, imagining that I am wearing a grand gown or a simple frock; anything but jeans and a t-shirt like I am in reality. I imagine that my dainty feet cross the limestone patio with a click and my shawl drapes across my shoulders with as much grace as I conduct myself with the entire day. I am pale but this time it is appropriate and I know that I do not become tan, thus making my need for the lacy parasol in my hand unnecessary. Yet I carry it, because I have always longed to carry such an accessory.
Here are some Smithies: (l-r)
me, Abby, Liz (and Dmeirti in the background)
These are the dishes from high table. I think gourmet food is silly. 

Here I am at the Museum of Science in oxford. This is a puffer fish. I have a certain affinity to these fishies because they Smile!! (just like me)

Here is Einstein's blackboard. Props to him; I could never solve those equations!

(L) tools for removing limbs....
(R) an early artificial hand!

I love this photograph JUST for the face that kid is making in the background. If you've ever seen the Numa Numa video, does he not look just like the guy?

This is for sure the most intense ruler I've ever seen in my life. I could measure ANYTHING with this device.

There were so many of these here, I cannot tell you how beautiful they were!!

These are just some of the wonderful Owl things I've found and not purchased. 
(L) stickers on 100 sheets (all different, I think!)
(R) an Owl-themed letter opener; perfect for me although the price was not (32GBP)

until later!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I know now why British people often took holidays to the mountains or some place sunny to feel better at a Sanitarium! I feel dreadful! This cough has moved to the daytime too now, and I am thinking that perhaps I am going to have to cave to go get "dry, tickly, cough" medicine from Boots. I now have an advantage card there, which is perfect!!
I asked my scout if she would return my tea kettle (the one that heats up) and at first she declined me, saying that she was asked to take them away. I decided to try again, telling her that I had a cold, and she relented, if we would keep it quiet (putting her hands to her lips). I now have a tea kettle and a cup, which is wonderful and I am sure it will help my cough, if only by lessening the symptoms.
Here are some recent photos. I took one of my cucumber cheese sandwich but haven't uploaded it yet. I'm sure you can wait; these are much more thrilling!
this is a pretty cute shop in town that sells really pricy boutique chocolates

these are some Per Una shoes at Marks and Spencer that I just COVET (unfortunately, they are 45 GBP)

I wish I knew how to flip photos.....these are trees in University Park!

I'm kind of short, aren't I.....

Here is the Museum of Natural History (I think), which, naturally, contrasts quite lovely against the blue sky. 

what great pains they go to to keep Trinity looking lovely....

tata for now!