Sunday, July 18, 2010

rub a dubdub, three brits in a tub/pub!

Yes, we did go to Bath. and no, I didn't see anyone bathing; just the ghosts of the Romans who used to.
So much has seemed to change since I've last been, although I did see some of my favorite sights from last visit. This does seem familiar? It's the next step up from Demuths and Sally Lunns!
I can't get enough of the sky here in contrast to the OLD buildings. I could look up forever, except that the sidewalks are so often crowded!

same day, rather ominous sky?

I've found that street performers are so much higher quality here than they are in the states. Not that the Town of Ballston gets anyone on the streets without sidewalks, but I'm impressed. This guy did "I have a dream" from Momma Mia!

I often find that pictures in front of tall buildings don't quite do either party appropriate justice...

AH I don't know how to flip photos but these parts haven't changed much!

something I don't think I did last time; drink the mineral water with 46 minerals and vitamins! I had a whole glass! (rather bad after taste, admittedly, although I look quite composed)

then we walked up to the Assembly Rooms and danced like Regency ladies and gentlemen. 

some memories!

somehow, these are FAR larger than I remember!
We went to an excellent Antique Bookshop right on the corner near the train-station (which would explain our not finding it when we came to Bath before)! The minute you open the old doors, you are surrounded by the most wonderful smells of old Antique books, all different, all signifying different years, time periods, owners, lives. Of course, I had to cough to ruin the moment, but I quickly pulled it together with a gulp of water and began to wander amongst the books, smelling each one in turn, as I could inhale their history that way. I leafed through so many books, running my fingers across their pages where others had also placed theirs. I am most certainly going back to this book shop. 

and home again, home again, jiggity jig!

FINAL THOUGHTS? expatriating ASAP. 


  1. I guess you are ok after the cold you had. It is such a waste of time to be sick while traveling, but it is a sure sign of overdo and that rest is needed. Sigh

    I am impressed with your courage to drink the water. I have not had the nerve to try Saratoga water! Love, Mimaw

  2. I don't think this water was as bad Mimaw, to tell you the truth. It only had a bit of a bad aftertaste, and it was warm. ew. haha. let's go to saratoga and try it together!