Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I know now why British people often took holidays to the mountains or some place sunny to feel better at a Sanitarium! I feel dreadful! This cough has moved to the daytime too now, and I am thinking that perhaps I am going to have to cave to go get "dry, tickly, cough" medicine from Boots. I now have an advantage card there, which is perfect!!
I asked my scout if she would return my tea kettle (the one that heats up) and at first she declined me, saying that she was asked to take them away. I decided to try again, telling her that I had a cold, and she relented, if we would keep it quiet (putting her hands to her lips). I now have a tea kettle and a cup, which is wonderful and I am sure it will help my cough, if only by lessening the symptoms.
Here are some recent photos. I took one of my cucumber cheese sandwich but haven't uploaded it yet. I'm sure you can wait; these are much more thrilling!
this is a pretty cute shop in town that sells really pricy boutique chocolates

these are some Per Una shoes at Marks and Spencer that I just COVET (unfortunately, they are 45 GBP)

I wish I knew how to flip photos.....these are trees in University Park!

I'm kind of short, aren't I.....

Here is the Museum of Natural History (I think), which, naturally, contrasts quite lovely against the blue sky. 

what great pains they go to to keep Trinity looking lovely....

tata for now!


  1. kind of scary to think what on earth must be in that sprayer making it necessary to wear a tyvek suit and respirator. Perhaps that is what is making you cough. Is that outside your window by any chance?

  2. Hi Hannah,
    For the cough and cold try a Neti Pot with boiled and COOLED water with a little salt dissolved in it. I keep my sinuses under control by using it almost every day. I do hope you feel better and soon!

    Love Mimaw

  3. Mom- yes, it is indeed right outside both of my bedroom windows.
    Mimaw- It is a dry cough, however, with no explanation....I've been taking Glycerin and Blackcurrant dry tickly cough syrup for about a day so we shall see how that works....

  4. Today all is rain here so there is no point being homsick now even tho you are ill and in need of cheering up. Are you too sick to go to classes or seminars or whatever they provide? Have you learned to speak in OLDE ENGLISH yet? At SPAC there will be (or Was)a man who recites Beowulf in O.E. accompanied by music etc. It is presented with American English titles, or so I hear!
    Tomorrow is cousin Sabrina's wedding which will be a grand affair. Evan and Becky are going and
    Cindy is staying with the boys. I think all of us aregoing to camp tomorrow to clean before the Philosopher's Picnic on 08/07/10. Wish you could be at the picnic!! We miss you. Love,