Friday, July 23, 2010

Playing Pretend

Hello and good morning!
Today we're off to Blenheim Palace, which is conveniently located 1/2 hour away from Oxford by bus.
Take a look at some of the beautiful pictures, if you like, but look forward of course to my wonderful (not) photography later! I will surely be taking a number of photographs.
I love visiting historic buildings such as this one because it enables me to feed that part of me that feels like it was born in the wrong century. That also may or may not be all of me. I love to wander the gardens and rooms, imagining that I am wearing a grand gown or a simple frock; anything but jeans and a t-shirt like I am in reality. I imagine that my dainty feet cross the limestone patio with a click and my shawl drapes across my shoulders with as much grace as I conduct myself with the entire day. I am pale but this time it is appropriate and I know that I do not become tan, thus making my need for the lacy parasol in my hand unnecessary. Yet I carry it, because I have always longed to carry such an accessory.
Here are some Smithies: (l-r)
me, Abby, Liz (and Dmeirti in the background)
These are the dishes from high table. I think gourmet food is silly. 

Here I am at the Museum of Science in oxford. This is a puffer fish. I have a certain affinity to these fishies because they Smile!! (just like me)

Here is Einstein's blackboard. Props to him; I could never solve those equations!

(L) tools for removing limbs....
(R) an early artificial hand!

I love this photograph JUST for the face that kid is making in the background. If you've ever seen the Numa Numa video, does he not look just like the guy?

This is for sure the most intense ruler I've ever seen in my life. I could measure ANYTHING with this device.

There were so many of these here, I cannot tell you how beautiful they were!!

These are just some of the wonderful Owl things I've found and not purchased. 
(L) stickers on 100 sheets (all different, I think!)
(R) an Owl-themed letter opener; perfect for me although the price was not (32GBP)

until later!

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