Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Once again

Guess what I've been doing?
there's only one day less than a week until I return to Smith and I've been doing so many things.
1. I've been reading so  many blogs! I think I'm going to start my own usual blog, not just this one for travel. Cause I'd kind of like to keep it for that. You can all follow me there!!
2. thinking about packing...then not doing it.
3. showing my Oxford pictures to everyone. and perhaps boring them in the process?
4. blog stalking blogging some more
5. making lots of oats
6. ---> oh hey! ask away!
7. loving coffee. even black!  


8. thinking. thinking. thinking.
9. deciding and re deciding my major. currently? English with a sociology minor. perhaps a third world development studies minor as well. which may shift the Soc to a double major.
10. waffling. the deciding kind, not the food kind. although I may make some of those tomorrow.
11. contemplating doing lots of ambitious things and then putting it off. this is not a good thing, by the way.
12. reading and walking at the same time. also not a good thing, but I just don't care.

so it's been an unproductive interesting week since I've returned from Oxford. Its time for a new blog I think. One that will be able to contain ALL aspects of my life, not just the traveling parts (although I do think about traveling quite a bit).

imgres.jpgwrong side of the globe though. and I just spelled globe bloge. which shows
a: I'm dyslexic
b: I'm thinking about blogging too much....
that's a sign I should stop. perhaps. 
until I become too unoccupied to post again! or perhaps until a new blog!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

one week past?

It's been one week since I've been home. I miss Oxford already and won't be wandering for awhile I bet. But this blog is called A Case of Wanderlust not a girl who wanders 24/7 which implies that I wish I were traveling when I'm not all the time. So it's okay for me to wish I were abroad and not be.
glad you understand, that was a bit confusing.
since thennnnn.....well Thom and I ate more ice cream bars.
this is the left over carcass....bones....of our feast.

we went punting!

Smithies and a Harold-belt

Bristol looks like Amsterdam!


they have comfy beds!

and yummy breakfasts....which are better than Oxford's?

and Continental Airlines doesn't know what lunch is? (or is that supposed to be a pillow, cause they didn't give us one of those either...)

I made an instant latte. quite tasty. Where has Oatmeal been all my life??????

I took apart my wallet finally. like, it's in pieces. seriously.

mmmmmm Starbucks...

so home has involved lots of coffee and oatmeal. And thoughts of the future. 
Current thoughts and venture: future planning of majors and college plans. 
current decision: constantly pending....I just know I want to write. 
and change the world. 
couldn't be too hard, could it?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sheltered girl gets coffee: part two

Confession time. I  like love coffee. I haven't figured out as of yet whether it's just the frothy milk on top, or if it's the cockle of your heart warming quality or the taste or the company or the act. I just know that I like it. Which explains why yesterday morning I found myself at coffee again. This time it was not a latte but a cappuccino, which was equally as delicious I must say.

Thom's spartan Americano. 

second cup! (not the asian ubiquitous peace sign)
a classy-artsy coffee shop photo 

Afterwards Thom and I went looking for which ice cream bars we wanted to have for our ice cream lunch part two tomorrow (look for reviews tomorrow!)
we found these. It's the same candy and they all say different things!

6120603.jpgI got these.
aerobubbles2.jpgonly they were all chocolate, not half green. still tasted minty though. 

Maybe I'll just do this.


the line for dinner, so I stand 5
the beginning. 

After dinner, Matt and I ate the white chocolate polar bear. That didn't last long.


making the cut....
there was really no humane way to do it. He eventually crumbled....
but tasted fine. a bit sweet, but fine!

more sweets and ice cream to follow!!

Solving all the world's mysteries

Okay guys. it really is the final count down here. It's tuesday and I leave Saturday morning. Scary and saddening, for sure.
On friday we trekked ourselves out to stonehenge, despite the 15P price on the tour bus that you had to take there. I'm not usually one for a) tour busses or b) exorbitant fees, but somehow I found myself right there with everyone else. This could have had something to do with the fact that everyone was going, and we're all friends. I enjoy their company but I'm sure you guys all know what friendship is about already.
there were huge, delicious looking blackberries here outside the train, but then we began moving..Salisbury!
We began in Salisbury which is another cute little english town I could totally live in.

Salisbury Cathedral
Did you know!! After WWII the Luftwaffe told the British that they were under strict instructions during the war not to bomb Salisbury Cathedral because they used it as a landmark when flying so they could bomb other important places? What a lucky save! It's beautiful inside. 

too bad, this was cute

This is the baptismal font, such as I've never seen. The following picture is the reflection directly on the surface of the stained glass at the far end of the cathedral. 

I love stained glass!!

and vaulted ceilings with exposed beams!

and cloisters!
maybe I should live in a church....

I wasn't supposed to take this. It's from the room where the Magna Carta was. I always manage to take illegal photographs though...

White Chocolate Polar bear!

foggyfog and burial mounds

The Group (some)
(l-r) Anne-Carroll, Veronica, Lindsay, Me, Matt, Dmitriy, Liz

The Henge! and me (WIND)

I'm pretty sure I have a photograph of this from every angle!

(l-r) Liz, Abby, Me

just foolin' around in the gift shop....

Over all what did I think? Well.....I expected Stonehenge to be a lot more remote, as in up in the moors with nothing around. Certainly not a car-park, but what did I expect, how would people get there? It's probably that book I read about the lovers at Stonehenge. and yes, I am mortified embarrassed for having read it : )