Saturday, August 21, 2010

one week past?

It's been one week since I've been home. I miss Oxford already and won't be wandering for awhile I bet. But this blog is called A Case of Wanderlust not a girl who wanders 24/7 which implies that I wish I were traveling when I'm not all the time. So it's okay for me to wish I were abroad and not be.
glad you understand, that was a bit confusing.
since thennnnn.....well Thom and I ate more ice cream bars.
this is the left over carcass....bones....of our feast.

we went punting!

Smithies and a Harold-belt

Bristol looks like Amsterdam!


they have comfy beds!

and yummy breakfasts....which are better than Oxford's?

and Continental Airlines doesn't know what lunch is? (or is that supposed to be a pillow, cause they didn't give us one of those either...)

I made an instant latte. quite tasty. Where has Oatmeal been all my life??????

I took apart my wallet finally. like, it's in pieces. seriously.

mmmmmm Starbucks...

so home has involved lots of coffee and oatmeal. And thoughts of the future. 
Current thoughts and venture: future planning of majors and college plans. 
current decision: constantly pending....I just know I want to write. 
and change the world. 
couldn't be too hard, could it?

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