Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Harry Potter was here (and I was too!)

Not yet, not yet. I will have a week and a half. Still, I can't believe my time here has gone by so fast!!
Christ Church!I call this one "ruined by spanish tour groups"

This is the very staircase the first years went up in Harry Potter!! Here I am standing on it!

The ceiling of the Great Hall from HP? I'm sure they did some CGI because this looked nothing like it....

they step up to their high table!

So much for "keep off the grass" ; I imagine this place gets considerable milage based on it's Harry Potter connections!

Beautiful Christ Church ChapelLook Familiar?

yes, this is where HP's Infirmary was filmed! (inside Radcliffe Seminary at the Bodlean)

These guys just reminded me of that tube at the bank!

We stopped at Blackwell- best bookstore EVER!
we shared this late froth was okay. generic iced coffee with cream in it? I should start drinking fancy coffees if I'm going to work at the Campus Center Cafe as a Barista (!) I just love saying that: BARISTA!

Second to last High Table. LOVED the figs. Avocado? not so much. (at all; they taste like soap to me)
nor blue cheese. ew. 

this was the dinner. I love those little mashed potato patties. It's like what G would do if she were trained up a little/allowed to play with her mashed potatoes : )
more veggies this time!

I'm so unhappy? My dinner contains Pine nuts. apparently the Brits don't know that pine NUTS are nuts?

Ice Cream Bombe. I couldn't eat this (nuts in the crisp covering) they gave me the dessert I've been coveting the entire time:

also: I'm pretty sure a tomatillo is not might be a fruit. it's pretty though.
Once my friends had eaten the covering off the ice cream thing though, I had some because it had a liquid chocolate filling I had to try. not generally a fan of chocolate desserts but this one was okay. 

they took away my knife and brought me a (nearly) whole kiwi. what else was I supposed to do??

that's all for now folks. We're going to the Ashmolean with my History of the English Language class tomorrow (HOEL) so that should be fun (even though I've already been twice)
after that I'm going to Nandos with Sreyashi and to the Thursday flea market!!

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  1. I hope you will be able to save this blog because you will be able to remember this trip and sigh when you are my age! Thanks for the letter. I loved it! The party at camp was yesterday. (Sorry) But it was cool and windy and I think everyone had fun. The weather was the talk of the day because it was sunny and beautiful and all the other days lately have had looming dark clouds or out and out rain. Love, Mimaw