Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sheltered girl gets coffee: part two

Confession time. I  like love coffee. I haven't figured out as of yet whether it's just the frothy milk on top, or if it's the cockle of your heart warming quality or the taste or the company or the act. I just know that I like it. Which explains why yesterday morning I found myself at coffee again. This time it was not a latte but a cappuccino, which was equally as delicious I must say.

Thom's spartan Americano. 

second cup! (not the asian ubiquitous peace sign)
a classy-artsy coffee shop photo 

Afterwards Thom and I went looking for which ice cream bars we wanted to have for our ice cream lunch part two tomorrow (look for reviews tomorrow!)
we found these. It's the same candy and they all say different things!

6120603.jpgI got these.
aerobubbles2.jpgonly they were all chocolate, not half green. still tasted minty though. 

Maybe I'll just do this.


the line for dinner, so I stand here...at 5
the beginning. 

After dinner, Matt and I ate the white chocolate polar bear. That didn't last long.


making the cut....
there was really no humane way to do it. He eventually crumbled....
but tasted fine. a bit sweet, but fine!

more sweets and ice cream to follow!!

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