Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Once again

Guess what I've been doing?
there's only one day less than a week until I return to Smith and I've been doing so many things.
1. I've been reading so  many blogs! I think I'm going to start my own usual blog, not just this one for travel. Cause I'd kind of like to keep it for that. You can all follow me there!!
2. thinking about packing...then not doing it.
3. showing my Oxford pictures to everyone. and perhaps boring them in the process?
4. blog stalking blogging some more
5. making lots of oats
6. ---> oh hey! ask away!
7. loving coffee. even black!  


8. thinking. thinking. thinking.
9. deciding and re deciding my major. currently? English with a sociology minor. perhaps a third world development studies minor as well. which may shift the Soc to a double major.
10. waffling. the deciding kind, not the food kind. although I may make some of those tomorrow.
11. contemplating doing lots of ambitious things and then putting it off. this is not a good thing, by the way.
12. reading and walking at the same time. also not a good thing, but I just don't care.

so it's been an unproductive interesting week since I've returned from Oxford. Its time for a new blog I think. One that will be able to contain ALL aspects of my life, not just the traveling parts (although I do think about traveling quite a bit).

imgres.jpgwrong side of the globe though. and I just spelled globe bloge. which shows
a: I'm dyslexic
b: I'm thinking about blogging too much....
that's a sign I should stop. perhaps. 
until I become too unoccupied to post again! or perhaps until a new blog!


  1. I am loving coffee too...even black and that says a lot! Ah youre so lucky that you get to travel! I love traveling but havent been able to lately.

  2. i can;t help but read and walk at the same time... it's one of those things that just sort of happen.. altho it can be tricky when trying to dodge people at the same time haha.

    have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. hey!! just found your blog!! :-) hello!

  4. I am always re-deciding my major too! Good luck girl :)

  5. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog :)
    I got those noodles at a German store called "Rewe". :)