Thursday, August 5, 2010

One of everything

Well. I only have one of each kind of day left folks. One of each day until I leave for home. That's quite a thought. How fast time has gone!
Today I went out for lunch with my friend and then we went to the antiques market. I don't think I have photographs from that, but perhaps next week I'll take some....
I went to the Ashmolean again today with my History.... (etc) class. I've been but today I actually finished off the museum, which was AMAZING. I could definitely see myself spending a considerable amount of time there.  Here are some more things that I saw today:
This is a viking sword! I thought Ethan would appreciate this : )

This is a runic stone! and a close up. pretty neat, since we'd been studying about how people used to be pagans and write in runes (see my previous post "Teacher, I need you")

Alfred's something....said to perhaps be the head on a pointer? He was the king responsible for helping everyone learn to read, or proclaiming that everyone should learn anyways.

I'm a sucker for Islamic art!

The first Piggy Bank was from Indonesia!

in case you can't read that it says: "Terracotta piggy bank from Java, Indonesia, 1500-1600. In Indonesia boars and pigs were symbols of power and plenty and so became associated with saving money."

gruesome and nice! The painting of the woman is called "The Immaculate Conception"
Hence the babies?


I thought Dad would like these!!
and now for something completely different....

this is the kind of hand dryer that is here in many places. It was in Nando's, the restaurant we went to today. You wash your hands then stick them in this and draw them out slowly. What a jet stream!!

Tomorrow we're off to Salisbury and Stonehenge. We shall see how close I actually get since it costs 11P to take the bus there and then another 17.50P to actually see the darn thing. I'm pretty easy to satisfy and pretty reluctant to spend money so I probably will be content at not so close. 
until I meet the Druids!

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