Monday, July 19, 2010

That's when I remember....the things I miss the most

I hope some of you caught the Steely Dan reference there....if you didn't it would be like me last week at our lecture. Our lecturer, Sir Christopher Ricks, referenced Dylan multiple times, referring to Bob Dylan. Of course I did not figure this, thinking the entire time that he was referring to Dylan Thomas, the Welsh poet. Besides the point.
I am having the true time of my life here, where else can you get so many groceries for 7.50P?? (don't convert that into USD and you're fine....)
Here is a list of the things I DO miss the most about the good old USA (don't blink twice, you're not going to hear me complimenting the US too many times over my lifetime)
In no ranked order.....
1. My bed and pillow- the bed here is so hard and the pillow is too big. I've taken to sleeping without the pillow so I don't feel like I'm sleeping with my neck at a 45 degree angle.
2. grocery store selection- I like the difference here, but I miss the cereal selection, for instance. although it can sometimes be overwhelming. I do, however, like the delicious other things they have here that aren't in the US, like Rhubarb yogurt and Toffee yogurt!
3. my family, that's a given! I miss having people to hug!
4. going to the bookstore and on errands with mom
5. the variety of stores to go to
6. Target
7. powdered drink mixes/vitamin water/sobe life waters
8. frozen yogurt
9. fresh foods that aren't smothered with butter and cream to mask the fact that the English don't know how to use spices
10. listening to cds in the car loudly with Dad
11. Buffets where you serve yourself, this whole "let me scoop that for you/grab the tongs out of your hand" thing really doesn't do it for me. If I wanted a HUGE plate of your disgusting cheesecreambutter pasta with random beans thrown in, I would tell you, honest.
12. not being run over by busses careening (or "careering" as they say here) around the corner
13. the doctors that will give you an actual diagnosis (seriously people, we're not druids anymore, I don't want to wave my arms in the air by moonlight and hop on one foot while chewing a leaf)
14. Hard boiled eggs- they seem to be able to do everything to eggs here except hard boil them. I think they just don't know what they would do if they couldn't add mayo/salad cream, butter, cream or cheese to it.
15. salad creations- I miss fresh things like that, English food, as I'm sure you've realized by now, is not too good.
16. stores that are open past 5pm. What if I wanted some medicine at 7pm? no? no? what, and so you leave me to die?

(1 cucumber, 2 loaves bread, 1 package pancakes, 1 triple pack gum, 2 cans soup, 1 large prepared soup, 1 cottage cheese, 1 dark chocolate bar, 1 laughing cow cheese)

Here are some things that I like about it here!
1. the grocery stores
2. the walking parks
3. the public transportation and it's ease
4. the history
5. the accent!!
6. the prepared foods that are healthy!
7. the attention they pay to the homeless and their efforts
8. their focus on health
9. the easily labeled packages on food; sesame is actually listed as an allergen here!
10. Jacket Potatoes!!!!!!
11. Spaghetti-os in a can. single serve. in different shapes. who cares if it's for children. they're yummy. 12. the covered market, so cute!
13. their fashion sense, so nice and absolutely no Kohls in sight!
14. the cute cute cute uniforms the children wear in school!
15. antique bookstores!

I will add to this list as I think of things!

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