Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Politics of friends and laundry

Hellooooo to you all!
I am happy to report that after long last, I have received not one, not two, but Three letters ladies and gentlemen, three letters!! One from Mimaw, one from Heather and one from Grace. I do so enjoy getting letters and will reply to them post haste, of course! Now, if I can only find the location of the post office....
It's been sort of gloomy here, with rain and clouds, typical England weather, I suppose. I've also not been feeling well, which put a damper on yesterday. today, however, I am feeling much improved and have planned errands as well as the presentation of someone I met at 1130 at a local museum! My new friend's name is Matthew and he is presenting as part of a larger group who are all taking some aspect of art history. I met Matthew the other day at Tea and invited him to sit with me today at breakfast, whereupon he, hearing I had no previous engagements for the day, invited me to his presentation. How wonderful to even be making friends across colleges! (He is from St. Bonaventure). I also met another guy this morning in the laundry room, who helped me with my washing (it's a bit complicated). Alas, I failed to get his name.
The laundry here is so complicated that it nearly makes one not want to do one's laundry, although of course, one must do one's laundry if one brought as small a suitcase as I did.
Tonight we have our Harry Potter walk, which I am so excited for! It promises to be wonderful and I will surely have more photos after that!!
Some pictures for you now!
Taking a tour of Oxford!

Cartwheeling after high table dinner!

A saturday evening picnic in University Park 
(l-r: Vashal, Laura, Me, Chelsea)
cheers! off to write more letters!

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  1. Love the joyful cartwheel! Could that be on the sacred university lawn where you are forbidden to even tiptoe, spill red wine, dance or make general merriment? Glad to see that you have returned to visit your rebellious youth! That oughta be good for what ails you. Feel better soon! Letters are in the mail. xxoo