Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm rather ill...

Well, for one thing, I now feel a bit better, but for sure one of the most interesting cultural experiences I have had thus far has been going to the Doctors Office- or Surgery as termed here. I don't have any photographs (who takes photos in the doctors office?) but I can describe to you, not too wordily, how it went.
So first off, in the UK, the word "Surgery" means both it's American meaning, appointment AND doctor's office. talk about confusing. Nevertheless, I knew that all three were located at the same establishment and thus, there I was at last.
I was told by a very kind receptionist that I would wait a short time although I ended up waiting about 45 minutes instead. I eventually turned to the only other person in the waiting room, a man in his late 50's reading a rather large novel, and said "Excuse me sir....excuse me sir?" to which he said nothing at all and simply sat, stone faced, reading his novel. This led me to conclude that he was either incredibly hard of hearing or incredibly rude.
The actual doctor's visit lasted less than 10 minutes in a small room that looked more like someone's cluttered hobby room than a conventional American treatment room. Dr. Sichel himself was nice and proclaimed me well in a short time with a small cold perhaps and instructions to rest myself.
I'm not sure if I still believe's sunday and I am still coughing.
I think I'm allergic to the cold. Weather here is, I realized today, on the latitude with northern canada!

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