Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, to live in a palace!

I'm sorry! it's been awhile since I last posted, and honestly I have not been that busy. All that aside, here is the information about the past week. In photographs with brief textual explanation, as per usual.
Me and Chelsea wearing pretty much the same outfit! (in the Beer Celler during the World Cup which I was not watching)

this is what happens periodically outside my window in the morning. Gotta keep that grass up. I also think they have a one-up on Smith in terms of obsessive grass-keeping behaviors

Here's a nice photograph of us at Merton College (something to do with the Inklings who used to meet on this bench!)
(l-r, top to bottom)
Kevin, Dmitriy, Me
Thom, Ethan, Andre, Veronica

Broad Street/Cornmarket Street from a double-decker bus!

Here we are!

pretty neat ceiling, right? almost rivals the rabbit in Madeline!

take 1

take 2

On board the train to the Pleasure Gardens! (me and Sreyashi)

How pleasureful!

Can you find me?
Looking for the Triwizard Cup
So that was Blenheim Palace. Beautiful with EXTENSIVE gardens and lawns. I don't know what I would do with it all if I lived there, honestly. If we lived here, I would buy a season's pass just to have picnics and walks on the grounds!
Monday we had our special Balcony Dinner (not, in fact, on a balcony) with our major class (so I had mine with Simon Horabin, History of the English Language). This is a testiment to the fact that the silverware here is too big. 
but the desserts are yummy!

and that High Table is fancy

disgusting Pate thing (who knows what it was) but the onion thing was good....HUGE FORK(and that was the dessert one!)

this was pretty gross. see what I mean about the veggies? LAME. Okay Great Britain, I know you had a potato famine, but you can grow things. Potatoes aren't even green!

last and least. yuck. I envied the girl who told them she didn't eat sugar; she got a nice huge plate of fresh exotic fruits!!

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