Friday, July 30, 2010

London with a side of Mushrooms

I didn't want to go to London today. There, I've said it, you can judge me. 
But seriously. Last time I went to London it was too hot and crowded. If you know me at all, you'll know that hot and crowded are two of my least favorite things. So imagine my surprise when I alighted the platform at Nottinghill Gate and found myself somewhere where tourists weren't taking up every inch of the sidewalk. Yes, there were still those Brits who refuse to obey their own queuing rules, but for the most part, it was relaxed and what crowds there were flowed. 
Portobello Market is basically a whole slew of blocks, which is wonderful. There is something to delight everyone and I certainly was delighted- I spent money!

This picture is the train station at Paddington. I saw the entire world and not the bear.
a chain store- but I liked the sewing machines!

this vintage store had a room full of shoes!
I think they keep the other half of the pair in the back so people don't steal. Good idea. 

Here we are!!

There was a covered market part as well, more with antique dresses and such!

I really liked this 80P antique dress! it looks a bit like mom's wedding dress....which is probably why I like it

I didn't really want these...

see mom? I thought of you!! YUM

Me and Alex split a mexican wrap thing. Can you tell that we've moved past the antiques part? : )

time to go home!
we might go back for the long weekend? 
Mushrooms always prove me wrong; I always think I don't like them then they blow me away. and I always go back for more.

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  1. Hi Hannah,
    These photos make me feel like a kid in a candy store! What fun to see so many things for sale that look different than the mass produced things we see in every mall. I am still waiting to hear about your literature or whatever courses you are taking. Love, Mimaw