Saturday, April 10, 2010

the last day

You may ask yourself why, if you even followed me this far, I have only written about the first and last days.
Those of you who have traveled, especially on a program or for business, know that days are jam packed with activities and things to do. I often didn't get back from the activities until 11pm whereupon I would have to share the internet with my 4 other roommates. I'm not complaining, simply explaining my absence. I intend to update you all on everything upon my return to the states. Promise. It will be good for me to relive it and make it more vibrant. Maybe it will be more vivid after it's had a chance to sit and stew a bit, and it will come out being more poetic as opposed to simply a recounting of the day's events. The truth is, I do actually really enjoy blogging.

so here I am in the lobby of my second hotel. I'll first explain how I got to be in a different hotel than I was in initially so you don't think I did something terrible or illegal and got myself kicked out of the other one. Also, for the record, I should be sleeping right now. But enough about that.
So I'm in a new hotel because one girl we six from Smith are traveling with has an uncle who owns a hotel here. We are staying for free but it was only one night. Tonight at midnight we fly home. What a terrible time to leave midnight. I feel as if my hands are moving in slow motion because I am slowly falling asleep. This week I have been getting less and less sleep. I went to a wedding last night, invited by my friend Doni (who you will meet when I get home and have the time and energy to put together words that do her justice) and we were out until 3am. A bit late for me. Upon returning to the hotel, I thougght I had lost my contact lens case and I looked EVERYWHERE. it was nowhere to be found. Little did I know that it was in the bathroom. Okay, fine, but please tell me whether you want to go to a wedding and come back at 3am to find that you can't go to bed because you've no place to put your contact lens.
I swear (or Walla! in Arabic), someone is putting heavy weights on my eyelids, for they keep threatening to close and force me to rely on my fingers to type words that I am unsure will be comprehensible.
I'm actually going to sign off here. I planned to actually write something but at the moment I am simply too tired. I fear that what I wrote for you would be a bunch of nonsense. I admit, that would be funny, however, I would like to remember as it happened.
goodnight. seriously. at 3:00pm.


  1. My machine says this site wasupdated yesterday, but Ican't find it with the other bloggings. Why is this,Hannah? I have been following your adventures every day hoping for new chapters!

    Carol A. Brower, aka Mimaw

  2. the computer computer connection was faulty, SORRY!